As a rule, it is important to ensure that your design elements do not have too many details. “Clipart-style-graphics” work best. Fonts and very detailed elements / logos must not be too small. Everything that goes into the photo-realistic (that means a lot of detail, shading, color gradients) direction is not possible. For adult socks, there may be a maximum of 5 colors in a row and a maximum of 9 colors on the whole sock (black, white and the background color must be included here).
For children’s and baby socks, there may be a maximum of 4 colors in a row.

We are happy to help you with the designs or create free suggestions if you wish. Each design is checked before production and if something is not feasible, we will contact you.

In our showcase you will find some socks that have already been produced and get an idea of how elements come out on knitted socks.